Onlaricin Ltd, trading as PHIG

Our view

  • Investors in the failed Harlequin projects have lost very large sums and in many cases are consequently suffering financial hardship, in some cases very severe
  • Many investors have obtained compensation due to the way in which they were brought into the investment and placed their funds in Harlequin
  • We are also aware that many investors don't know which way to turn to even begin to apply for compensation
  • We are able to point investors who feel they need help and guidance in respect of their potential claim, towards authorised firms who can provide support and advise.

The primary aims of the group

  • Our objective going forwards is to help as many fellow investors as possible
  • Engage constructively with the FCA, FSCS and regulated firms to guide impoverished investors towards receiving justifiable compensation
  • Help to provide support and information bulletins to signed up members

Our legal framework

  • A formal corporate framework - Onlaricin Ltd, trading as PHIG
  • The company is limited by guarantee as a not for profit company
  • PHIG is run by investors, for investors

Onlaricin Limited, t/a PHIG

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This web site is run by volunteers, who are also investors, to provide as much factual information as possible to try to help investors in Harlequin properties understand the status of the project.

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